Rhino Trouble by Grant Olsen

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Rhino Trouble by Grant Olsen

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Rhino Trouble is an amazing book for kid readers. With small amounts of easy text it gives it’s morals over smoothly and teaches children the importance of planning as well as obedience. Jumping deep into Nepal two boys are tasked with protecting the village. Are they dancers, Swimmers, or robbers? That is only the first questions these young children ask. This book is sure to be a favourite bedtime story to the children and the parents.

About The Author


Grant Olsen is an award winning storyteller and writer. He also loves to travel. While exploring the vast jungle he met some village children who were the inspiration for the children in Rhino Trouble. As a tribute to the bright and friendly kids who he met in Nepal. Grant is donating all the money he makes from this book to the umbrella foundation. Who provide shelter and education to the at-risk kids in Nepal. He lives in Utah with his wife and two children

About The Illustrator


Mike Carpenter’s illustrations have won widespread acclaim for their imaginitive style. He has a unique skill for making complex ideas or subjects into simple art. His favourite subjects are; zombies, aliens, zombie-aliens and robots. He lives in Reno, Nevada.

This is the cutest children’s book! I absolutely love the story line (based on a true story) and I love that the author has given all of his proceeds to the Umbrella Foundation. The illustrations are gorgeous and I love the unique lettering used throughout the book. All around, a new favorite in the children’s book department. – Laur

All my kids love this book. Even my 6-year-old was able to read it on his own and the pictures made him laugh out loud several times. Definitely a new favorite in our house… -Brad


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