My World

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My World

By Robert D. Christensen.


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My World by Robert D. Christensen is a great read for children. Brother and sister duo Robert D. Christiansen and Rebecca Christensen Wheeler delight our minds with this book. They shed some light on how the world looks through the eyes of a child, and what changes a child might make with the opportunity to create a world. Written for children. My World offers some suggestions for making a “terrific” world even better.

About The Author.


Robert D. Christensen is a pediatrician and a neonatologist. He is a graduate of Columbia University College of physicians and surgeons in New York City and the Stanford University Pediatrics Residency Training Program in Palo Alto, California. Dr Christensen has worked with children his entire adult life. A prolific writer. He now adds My World to the collection of more than 500 of his published works. He lives with His wife Wendy, their four children, six fish, three toads, and one snake in Layton, Utah.

About The Illustrator.


Rebecca Christensen Wheeler has a master of fine arts degree in illustration which she received in Utah State University in Logan, Utah as well as a Bachelor of fine arts Degree in Drawing and computer graphics From the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. She lives with her husband Dee along with a very old cat and several mice and spiders in Quincy, Illinois.

Written by Robert D. Christensen, Illustrated by Rebecca Christensen Wheeler The story within My World teaches a great lesson to kids and adults alike.

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Text © 2005 Robert D. Christensen

Illustrations © 2005 Rebecca C. Wheeler.


No part of this book may be reproduced in any form whether by graphic, visual electronic, film, microfilm, tape recording or any other means without written consent from the author and illustrator. Except in the case of short passages being used in criticle reviews and articles.

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