The Little Girl and Her Shadow

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The Little Girl and Her Shadow


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If your feeling a little low The Little Girl and Her Shadow is for you. A children’s book about a little girl and her shadow ( as the title states) sheds a little light on how to feel happy when your down. After not appreciate the many things she has her shadow leaves her to go play with another girl. After angrily chasing the girl and her shadow down she learns that most people can appreciate the little things. When she contemplates this and learns why she’s sad she goes and finds her happiness by appreciating the little things. The Little Girl and Her Shadow is a good lesson everyone should learn in their lifetime, so why not start them young?

About The Illustrator

Alexa Terry Hanson was born in Chicago, California and was raised in Huntington Beach, California. After graduating Highschool in 2008 She went on to attend Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. As well as BYU in Salt Lake City, Utah, campus. after returning home she married her husband and now lives in California doing freelance art.

Rhonda Rates this book 4/5


I read this to my six year old niece and she gave it a thumbs up. She likes likes the story and the pictures. It surprised me when I asked her if she liked it by showing the thumb up.

The story is short and sweet. But it has some many points in it. Like we can decide our attitude. Things don’t make us happy for long.

It also has a good rhythm and it rhymes too. It makes it fun to read and listen too.

The pictures are bright and cheery. The expressions on the little girls faces capture the feelings as well as the words do.

I would read it to another child or let a child read it to me again without getting fed up with the story.

I was given The Little Girl and Her Shadow by Cedar Fort Publishing. In return I agreed to give a honest review of it and be part of it;s blog tour.


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